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How we do It

We do lots of dental treatment other practices can’t or won’t do and we’ve chosen the best from around the world for you:

We can clean your teeth with Airflow® (Swiss) Swiss.gif
Tray whiten your teeth (American)  usa_sm40fa.gif
Power bleach your teeth in one hour (Australian) Australia.gif
Fit removable bridges using telescopic crowns (German)  Germany.gif
Invisalign® see-through braces (American) usa_sm40fa.gif
Fill out facial creases with Restylane® (Swedish)  Swedish.gif
Superior amalgam for independent fillings (Swedish) Swedish.gif
White fillings for back teeth in hypoallergenic material: ORMOCER® (German) Germany.gif
Procera non-metallic, high aesthetic anterior crowns (Swedish).   Swedish.gif

But the work is done with British British.gifhands with years of experience and skill - far too many years for us to wish to count!

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