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Manchester Smiles offers state-of-the-art dental care and orthodontic treatment, with our own special holistic approach to help you achieve your dream smile. offers high quality, realistic and holistic based treatments at affordable prices.

Our expertise
With over 30 years of experience in his German and British practices, Dr Duncan Harrop concentrates on treating his patients with an all-round holistic approach. This means, for his patients, being treated by one practitioner who looks at the whole dental picture and not being sent from one specialist to another, with the often inherent communication issues involved. Our aim is to treat our patients as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Often patients’ problems arise from dental phobia and/or poor treatment techniques used when they were younger. This usually means two things: the problems were not sorted out in the first place and; this patient is now at best anxious and often very scared about seeking and undergoing treatment!

Through a comprehensive and relaxed consultation followed by a caring gentle approach during treatment, we help you achieve your desired smile and restore your trust in dentistry and dental treatment.

We prefer to whiten, aesthetically enhance teeth or align them with orthodontics to sort out our patients’ problems before resorting to cutting down the natural dentition for crowns, acknowledging that occasionally this may also be necessary to achieve a perfect smile.

'Gesunde Zähne : Strahlendes Lächeln' ('Healthy teeth : Glowing smile')
Dr Duncan Harrop qualified at King’s College London in 1976. After 5 years working as a dentist in the Army, he settled in his own practice in Germany. There he developed one of the largest practices in the area by concentrating on the German traits of quality and reliability and combining this with a caring English approach. The emphasis was on orthodontics, advanced crown and bridgework and surgical dentistry (wisdom teeth removal).

In Germany, patients were and remain very demanding in their expectation of quality, professionalism and technical competence. Duncan learnt and practised techniques that were years ahead of what was then, and still is, common practice in the UK. Duncan sold his practice in 1998, returned to Stockport, found early retirement unchallenging, and in 2000 opened a brand-new, bespoke dental practice based on the quality, holistic principles and values learnt over the previous 25 years! was born.

Duncan’s practice motto was and remains 'Gesunde Zähne : Strahlendes Lächeln', which translates as 'Healthy teeth : Glowing smile'. (The well known expression 'Vorsprung durch Technik' could also be used!)

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