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Our commitment to choice
Following a comprehensive initial examination, you will be informed about your current state of dental health. If necessary, various treatment options will be suggested and a personal treatment plan will be developed to suit your individual needs and circumstances. You can choose from three levels of independent treatment, based on the technique, complexity, material used and time involved:

Option 1 Baseline: a low-cost concept, for basic dental health
Effectively an NHS-plus service, using NHS materials, but spending more time and skill. This applies mainly to fillings, offering a low-cost alternative for good dental health.

Option 2 Independent: advanced techniques and superior materials
We spend even more time and use the best materials for your needs. This could be high aesthetic front tooth fillings or Gamma 2 free-bonded amalgam fillings for a longer lasting silver filling, or ORMOCER®* white fillings in the back teeth.
*ORMOCER®: organically modified ceramic filling material for the most natural look.

Option 3 High aesthetic: the leading edge of dental technology
For patients who want the very best in natural tooth aesthetics and materials, we offer metal-free crowns and inlays. These look significantly more natural than ordinary crowns. Our service is flexible, allowing you to select any level of treatment for different teeth during any one course of treatment, i.e. you can mix and match the options.

Our commitment is to make quality dentistry accessible to all
Remember, teeth are for life and successful management of your oral environment can go a long way to help you achieve and maintain the comfort, confidence and feeling of well-being that healthy teeth and gums can bring.

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