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Fixed Braces

This is the most common form of orthodontic treatment, although we also provide quad helix and myofunctional treatments where appropriate.

What is it used for? To move teeth around in the mouth. It can move teeth forwards, backwards, push them in or pull them out, move them inwards or outwards.

What does it look like? Metal or clear see-through brackets are glued to the outside of the teeth and bands (rings) are put in the back molar teeth. A wire then connects the brackets together and this is attached to the brackets by little coloured elastic bands, or metal wires. You can choose what colour elastics you want! Some people call these 'train tracks'.

We also have see-through brackets for patients who want a more invisible brace, but these are not available under NHS regulations. We also offer the latest 'bracketless' and almost invisible braces called Invisalign® – commonly known as the Hollywood technique!

When do I get one? Usually when all the permanent teeth are present/almost present, i.e. 13 years onwards, but there are exceptions.

We try to provide fixed braces for patients within the limits of NHS funding allocation and conditions, and depending on the complexity, i.e. if worse than IOTN 3:6.

Fixed braces for patients over 17 years are only treated independently, but we can refer you to the hospital service should you wish to have NHS treatment.

How long do I wear it? Between 12 and 18 months, depending on the degree of complexity, and all the time because it's fixed.

Do I need to be aware of anything? Yes! Your tooth brushing must be good, otherwise food and bacteria build up on the teeth and decay sets in 'with a vengeance!'

If the oral hygiene is poor and the teeth start to decay, or you do not attend appointments, then we are obliged under NHS regulations to stop the treatment.

Don't forget, it is no use having straight teeth if they are all rotten!


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