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ortho@62 is designed to offer you and your child the best in orthodontic (tooth alignment) and facial orthopaedic (facial growth and jaw alignment) treatment that is available.

All the orthodontic treatment is carried out by Dr Duncan Harrop, who has been practising orthodontics in general practice since 1982. He was one of the first general practitioner orthodontists in Germany to take up the then new and revolutionary 'straight wire' fixed orthodontics, attending courses in London and Munich in 1988. Invisalign® was added to our treatment alternatives following successful completion of Invisalign® training in early 2006 and lingual orthodontics in 2011.

Orthodontics for children
Treatment is available to children under the NHS but is limited due to NHS funding. There are new guidelines that say that cases of severity over IOTN 3:6 are eligible for NHS funded treatment. Should funding not be available or your child’s case falls under the NHS threshold, we can offer you the necessary treatment under independent terms, but we only charge you the fee of the NHS. Treatment of children below 11 -12 years is usually with removable braces, and over 12–13 years with fixed braces, but there are exceptions to all rules.

Orthodontics for adults
All orthodontic treatment for patients aged 18 and over is carried out on an independent basis.

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