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Quad Helix Brace

This is a fixed brace that goes on the two back molars, with a wire connecting them over the palate.

What is it used for? To expand the tooth arch, usually the upper, to correct a cross bite (i.e. upper teeth on the inside of the lower teeth). This is one of the few ways to expand the dental arch, quickly and under control.

What does this mean for me? Four appointments:

  1. To place tooth separating elastics
  2. One day later, choosing the bands for the back teeth, and taking an impression
  3. One week later, place the tooth separating elastics
  4. One day later, fit the quad helix onto the teeth with dental cement.

How long does it take? Three to nine months, with review appointments every four weeks.

How often do I wear it? All the time, it's fixed!

quad 1 before.JPG      quad 1 endr.JPG


quad 2 before.jpg      quad 2 end.jpg

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