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Orthodontic Showcase

Here are some of our very own case examples of treatments with fixed braces carried out at by Dr Duncan Harrop. Dr Harrop has been doing orthodontic treatments since 1982 and was one of the first practices in Germany, in 1985, to adopt the now common, fixed brace therapy.

Invisalign® – Hollywood almost invisible braces were added in 2004 to our treatment options and lingual braces were also brought in from 2011, for invisible, minor aesthetic corrections of the front teeth.

Simply drag the bar from the right to reveal the 'after' image!

Ortho 4 (case study 190)

Female NHS patient in her early teens with 'missing' canines buried high in her jaw. We surgically exposed the teeth and gently brought them down into an almost perfect smile.

Ortho 5 (case study 259)

Businessman in his 30’s with very irregular teeth and poor smile.

Ortho 2 (case study 116)

Lady in her early 20’s who was very concerned as she showed only her 2 front teeth, and her canine was locked on the inside.

Ortho 1 (case 158)

17 year old NHS male with protrusive and splayed front teeth.

Ortho 6 (case 304)

Gentleman in his 40’s was irritated with very crowded lower teeth that looked unaesthetic, were very difficult to clean and was also losing tooth support. We removed one lower incisor and the treatment produced a very aesthetic and functional result for the patient.

Ortho 81 (317)

Lady in her 20’s with irregular teeth and unhappy with her poor smile.

Ortho 9 (case 289)

Gentleman of senior status, showing you’re never too old to look your best!

Ortho 7 (case 338)

Lady in her 30's with crowded irregular teeth and poor smile.

Ortho 3 (case 172)

Gentleman in his mid 30’s with a protrusive jaw and very irregular teeth. Two teeth were removed in the lower jaw and upper and lower teeth aligned, saving him having to contemplate major jaw surgery.

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