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Tooth Whitening

FROM £295 for FULL MOUTH Tooth Whitening!

As you get older, or due to natural colouration, your teeth darken as time goes by. Techniques coming from America are well proven and can reverse this process in a semi-permanent manner that lightens up your teeth by up to 10 years, or up to 6 shade differences. The teeth are not drilled or filled, or even damaged by these procedures.

Frequently asked questions

What types of treatment are possible for me?
The treatments can either be done in the surgery within one hour, or surgery cleaning and home application.

In both techniques, your teeth are thoroughly cleaned using the Swiss Airflow® technology. This is a ‘jet washing’ of your teeth with a high-pressure mix of water, air and sodium bicarbonate particles. At this stage, any minor irregularities of the teeth are smoothed away. This is called aesthetic enhancement.

For the in-surgery one-hour technique, your gums will be covered with a special protective layer, a whitening gel placed onto the teeth and using our special plasma light, the whitening is activated. This is repeated three times in total and the teeth are finished in under one hour, great if you have a special occasion – wedding, anniversary, business meeting, etc.

For longer lasting and even whiter teeth we recommend a combination 'In-Surgery Plus' treatment. Following the in-surgery whitening, individual mouth trays are constructed in the laboratory and fitted immediately after the in-surgery treatment. These trays are worn for two to three hours, every second day for up to 10 applications and the results are even more amazing.

The home application includes the teeth being thoroughly cleaned using the Swiss Airflow® technique and having see-through plastic trays made for your mouth. We use the latest method where you only need to wear the trays for two to three hours, every second day for three weeks. We review your teeth after two weeks and use Airflow® to clean the teeth again to ensure optimal whitening. This technique is best suited to patients who have irregular tooth discolouration or front crowns.

In both cases, the Airflow® cleaning is essential, otherwise teeth that have tartar, stains or plaque on them will not be evenly whitened. Without Airflow® it would be like trying to sunbathe with your shirt on!

Are there any drawbacks?
As far as the teeth are concerned – no. It will make unsightly fillings look even worse, but that is also easily corrected!

Some patients report occasional tooth sensitivity during the home tray treatments, but the effect is only transient, and not permanent.

What are the main benefits?
Most patients report a terrific increase in self-confidence and their ability to smile. Some cannot stop smiling!

It is also a big incentive to stop or continue not to smoke.

I have a single front tooth that is discoloured?
No problem, this is usually due to a dead or root-filled tooth, usually the second upper front tooth.

Rather than cutting the tooth off, putting a black metal post in the root and a crown over it, which leaves you with no tooth substance at all, does it differently.

We open the tooth from the inside, and using our in-surgery Apollo Secret®, whiten the tooth from outside and inside.

After 30 minutes we are finished; we refill the tooth with a special filling that lightens up the main body of the tooth itself.

What are the advantages?
Cost - it is cheaper than a crown and post.

Convenience - you still have your own teeth.

Comfort - no injections!

Ask for a free 10 minute consultation to discuss the most appropriate form of treatment for your individual needs.

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